About back problems. Part two.🔗

In the first part of this post, I described the causes of poor posture and the intervertebral disc problems that arise as a result of it. Now I will describe how to avoid these problems. I will do it point by point, depending on the cause of the disorder.

If your back was fine, but then became bad because you changed your occupation (a prime example is someone who "entered" IT and started to sit and stare at the monitor more) - then you need to do two things:

a) Swimming (3 times a week; That's right! Lots of swimming on your back; No tilting your head over the water like girls usually do. 😉)

b) Do exercises on the flobility technique. Here I will stop and describe in detail. This technique was invented by guys from the states. I will leave a link to their profile under the post. I tell you right away, they don't give me any kickbacks, I recommend them by reputations 🙂 Because in my opinion, unlike many pseudo-specialist trainers-realibitologists, they are the only ones who have a good understanding of the biomechanics of the spine.
Of course they train for money, even on the zoom, but if you have a "boiling pot" you can figure it out on your own through the materials in their instagram profile. Personally, it took me about a month to figure it out.

Also, if you have the resources for a special gym, take a closer look at functional patterns. This is the company of a guy from Spain, he developed a methodology of correct exercises and decided to make a business out of it, but I will tell you right away that his exercises require special equipment. I also approve of this technique and consider it correct. I will leave a link to them under the post too.

If you have jaw problems such as a bite or missing teeth, make sure you get it resolved through savvy dentists. Such problems always lead to a violation of posture, even if minimal, but it can auction in old age. Who needs in Kiev - I can advise excellent (but unfortunately expensive)🙂) dentists that will do everything turnkey.

If you have been diagnosed with problems of the peripheral nervous system, it is more difficult to advise here. However, I will say that in addition to injuries, a common problem is herpes viruses, and in some people they do not manifest themselves outwardly in the form of a rash, as many doctors are used to seeing, but are manifested by pain and paresis.
If this is your case you need to find a specialist who will prescribe you Valavir and supplements that stimulate Th1 immune response. For example Astragalus extract does this, I already wrote about it in my first post about covid, and yes it is NOT "some Chinese homeopathy" as some "geniuses of thought" stated to me.... It is an effective and working drug against virus replication!

If you have metabolic problems. The topic is vast, as is the previous point. But again I will say that such problems lead to impaired bone and cartilage trophics and it is usually:

a) Growth hormone secretion disorder (our doctors can't diagnose this problem from the word at all 🙁)

b) Low testosterone and high prolactin

c) Gout

d) Chronic vitamin D deficiency

e) Genetic problems

e) Inadequate use of corticosteroids
(hello to the fuckers in the hospitals who treated covid with them). 😠)

Some of these problems can be treated by prescribing anabolic hormones, some by prescribing special drugs like bisphosphonates, everything is very individual. I would only note that these problems should not be started, otherwise after 40 years of age, your physical functionality will drop significantly.