About the FDA and harmful drugs 💊

The evolution of medicine has not always been smooth. It is enough to remember the stories of bloodletting, radioactive ointments, sleeping pills that caused deformities in children, etc. There have been many such stories in all times, and it is happening now. There are still harmful drugs on the pharmaceutical market. By harmfulness I mean a dubious benefit/harm ratio.

Pharma companies, whose owners are whole dynasties, have been on this market for a long time and have wised up in terms of "selling" their products to people. They began to indirectly finance separate organizations that act as a kind of jury that approves or not the drug before entering the market. For example, in the USA, such an organization is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

For many ordinary people this organization has become something like a quality mark of medicines, and partly this is true. However, people familiar with the concept of propaganda know about Goebbels' method - "40 on 60", which implies 60% truth and 40% disinformation for the sake of their interests. This is roughly how pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists at the FDA work; 60% truth about the benefits of a drug, the other 40% misinformation about the harms and consequences - conventionally speaking of course. 😉

Some of you are going to say I'm carrying some kind of conspiracy theory. 😁 To answer that - This is NOT about all drugs. Of course the FDA approves useful drugs with very little harm and huge benefits, but that's the same conditional 60%. 😉

If you want to be convinced of my words, google the story about the drug Oxycontin and Purdue Pharma (They made a good TV series about it called "Addiction"). Google the story about the sleeping pill Thalidomide, which gave 12000 children with congenital deformities and which the FDA approved twice (!!!) Or Google the new story about the drug against Alzheimer's disease - Aducanumab. There is plenty of information about these situations, if you have the desire and skills to analyze it.🧐


So, my list of current harmful drugs that the FDA has approved:

1️⃣New mRNA vaccines. Yes, yes, yes, I know, but they have a bad benefit/harm ratio. I've already written about a publication that proved vaccine-induced myocarditis in young people.
There's more data on various syndromes. For example, Ramsey-Hunt syndrome, which recently suddenly affected Bieber, Chubais, Potap and other people who believed doctors and new vaccines. You've heard about the sudden deaths without me. But who's seen the benefit?

For example, I've only seen the benefit for Pfizer shareholders, whose stock has skyrocketed.🙂 The stats do not prove that we have cured the covid, moreover we are in for a new wave in the fall and winter.

Other than that, we don't know how it would have turned out without vaccinations. But we are persistently told it's bad, it's funny to me to listen to it😁 I mean, there is only so much you can do to 100% evaluate the effectiveness of these vaccines:

If there were two identical planets earth, where a pandemic started at the same time, and one planet started giving vaccines and the other didn't - then that's a demonstrable experience of vaccine efficacy, and the rest are all paid-for events by the pharma companies.


2️⃣ Paracetamol and NSAIDs. Yes, each of us at least once drank paracetamol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Nimesil for fever. Did you know that paracetamol causes asthma or autism? I don't think so. The instructions do not seem to write that either... Next, nimesil, that like to prescribe dentists for 5 days after tooth extraction (stupidity). This drug causes fatal liver damage, so somewhere it was banned, but continues to be sold in 3rd world countries.



3️⃣ Roaccutane or Accutane or Isotretinoin. A drug for acne or pimples that is used when nothing else works. It is also sometimes used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.

There is a particularly interesting development here. At the time of release of this drug there was nothing similar on the market. I.e. the situation promised pharmaceutical companies huge profits on complexes of acne-prone people 😁 However, it turned out that the drug with all its effectiveness against acne, has a strong teratogenic effect. That is, it damages the fetus during pregnancy. Cunning capitalists were not confused - they explicitly described these and other side effects in the instructions and gave special instructions to doctors on the appointment, say do not give pregnant women. Well, the scheme worked, dermatologists were told the tale that this is the only effective remedy, but a little dangerous, you are careful there, and acne patients were given hope for a complete cure. 🙂

Over time, the drug was found to be toxic to more than just the fetus. It damages the hypothalamus, which in turn can cause depression. That fact was quickly added to the instructions to absolve themselves of responsibility. It also reduces ovarian reserve in girls and a lot of other things.

But despite all this, the drug is prescribed to this day, its propaganda is also engaged in dermatologists, for whom the words "apoptosis of hypothalamic neurons" is an empty sound.