About Acne

In the last post I mentioned acne and harmful Roaccutane, which is increasingly prescribed by dermatologists for severe acne. Analyzing the Google output, I realized that in my country every month thousands of queries are made on the topic of this drug. This means that people in desperation resort to any measures to get rid of complexes about it. I am saddened by this trend, because I have already described possible bad side effects. For example, I would think many times before conceiving a child with a girl that took this drug for a long time, even externally. But people as usual are blind in this regard 😵..

I have a working (as it seems to me 😉) scheme of acne treatment. I will not go into detail publicly, for commercial reasons (I believe it is exclusive information), but I will say that, in my opinion, medics are mistaken in understanding the real causes of this pathology.

It's not about hormones, it's not about sebum receptor sensitivity, it's not about bacteria. In my opinion, it's about detoxification of some fat-soluble substances. In people with acne, the liver can not cope with these substances, compensatory mechanisms of their additional withdrawal from the body - through the secretion of sebaceous glands are included.

Based on this information, I have selected dietary supplements 💊💊 to help correct this condition.

The point of this post is that I am looking for people with moderate to severe acne who are willing to buy these supplements and take them for at least a month. With a detailed before/after photo report and a guarantee not to spread my treatment regimen. If you are such a person or you have such acquaintances write me here in the contact form or in the chat channel
We will conduct a kind of clinical trial - you get rid of acne, me photo evidence and feedback for my scientific and commercial purposes. 🙂