About depression and antidepressants 😞

Just watched a doc movie about Yankee psychiatrists prescribing Xanax, antidepressants, and other psycho(dis)active crap to everyone. 🙂 Also, this trend has come to Europe as well. So I decided to shed some light on this problem.

Depression as a pathology is a very real condition. Probably already gone are those times when some clever psychologist pushed something like "Your problems are childhood trauma", etc. etc. All this nonsense, of course, has nothing to do with depression. But let's omit such statements as quite primitive and look at what modern educated psychologists and psychiatrists consider depression, a quote from one textbook on the treatment of depression in children:

"Etiology. The causes of depression are not fully understood.
Depression can be caused by a combination of both external factors
(stressful events, relationships in the family, relationships with
peers) and internal factors (physical health,
genetic predisposition and biochemical disorders)

Translated into the language of smart people, - "Depression? I don't know what it is, but we'll try to treat it."

"Currently, modern foreign guidelines
recommend antidepressants from the
group of selective SSRI reuptake inhibitors as first-line drugs. Proven
clinical effectiveness for use in children has
fluoxetine (from 8 years)

The reasons are not fully understood, but here is
aclear works, so let them drink and try to enjoy life. That's about the logic of doctors 😁 To say it's flawed is an understatement. But come on, it's on the conscience of doctors and the owners of pharmaceutical companies... I'll tell you the real reasons for this condition:

In short, the cause of depression is mostly neuroinflammation. I write and remember how one young lady doctor proved to me that there is no such concept. Well somewhere in her uni there wasn't and of course there isn't, but in general there is 🙂

Neuroinflammation is inflammation within the neurons of the central nervous system. Or inflammation in the brain 🙂 The brain is a delicate thing, inflammation processes there are different from similar processes in the skin, for example. Who is interested in details in Russian - I'll leave a link below.

What causes neuroinflammation? Roughly speaking the main causes are infections and toxins.

Regarding infections it is often herpes viruses. But then there's man-made covid and its S protein (hello vaccinators
😉) So I'm giving free advice to psychiatrists - try giving your patients valavir instead of antidepressants 🙂

Regarding toxins, it's complicated, or rather toxins are many different ones 🙂 For alcohol and drugs it's clear to everyone, but there can be heavy metals (hair diagnosis and chelation); And also less obvious things like phthalates and mycotoxins (complex lab tests and detox therapy) etc.

Regarding stress and head trauma - all of these also lead to neuroinflammation, but in my opinion these factors are not constant, so they should be seen as exceptions.

We all have stress, it's primitive to say that it's the only cause of depression, but we can say that low stress tolerance leads to neuroinflammation and depression. And low stress resistance in people with poor immunity, such as those who sit on fucking diets, alcohol, work a lot at the computer, do not sleep at night, etc. Remember that. 😉

The topic is vast, but I think I've given info on "where to dig" without taking harmful antidepressants and other worthless advice from doctors.