About baldness and botox 👴

The problem of baldness is very relevant among men, because the hair on the head for each person is a kind of attribute of attractiveness, which some people go away with age. Similar problems are also found in women. In scientific terms, baldness is called alopecia and roughly speaking there are two types - androgenetic (androgenic) and autoimmune.

The most common alopecia is androgenic alopecia. If you go to a trichologist with androgenic alopecia, he will tell you that the hormone dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone, is to blame. However, is this the case? 🙂

The thing is that the same hormone causes hair growth on the face and on the body. So, according to the logic of doctors, we have a paradox or collision - dihydrotestosterone grows hair on the body, but causes hair loss on the head?

This paradox has been studied by various scientists and unlike doctors have come to one interesting hypothesis: What if the root causes of androgenic alopecia are in the violation of blood supply to the scalp area of the head called scalp?

And this disorder occurs due to the tension of tissues on the top of the head, and the tension in turn occurs due to the high activity of frontal, temporal, occipital muscles 💪🙂

The guys-scientists thought about it, and decided to make an experiment, relax these muscles with Botox and see what happens. And miracle, in 9 months the bald test subjects regained their hair! Not 100%, but if you look at the photos in the studies, the result is impressive.
Here's a look for yourself:


Details of this hypothesis in English and studies on this topic can be found in the video at the link below. And from myself I want to note once again that such examples show how much some pseudo specialists are deluded, prescribing potent drugs (in this case finasteride - an inhibitor of the enzyme that produces dihydrosterosterone) and harming these patients. Remember this!