About radiation 🤢

I'll write about back problems another time, but now I want to make a quick note about radiation hazards and the right protective medications. Volodka's schizoaffective disorder is most likely progressing and you should be prepared for anything from a nuclear strike to nuclear plant explosions. In addition, I am sickened when all the pseudo-specialists on the internet go off on the old soviet rant about taking iodine, not realizing that radioactive iodine is not the only problem in such situations.

And so. What awaits a living organism at radioactive irradiation of different genesis? It's simple - DNA damage and cell death. Worst of all, when stem cells are damaged in this way, then there is no chance to survive, because they are the alpha and omega of all other cells. But for some reason everyone thinks for thyroid and iodine. 🙁

Under the influence of radiation, tissue molecules change because various chemical reactions occur, the products of which are a huge number of defective molecules and free radicals.

The main molecule in a cell is DNA, which is essentially a program with instructions on what the cell should do. As soon as this program is partially erased through radiation, the cell goes into apoptosis (suicide) or becomes defective (cancerous, if unlucky).

As for radioactive isotopes (the same Iodine-131) here is the same principle of harm, except that these isotopes accumulate in tissues and the body begins to think thatit is necessary, including them in metabolism.

For example, iodine is necessary for thyroid function, but not the iodine that is a product of fission of plutonium, uranium, thorium nuclei. The body does not distinguish iodine that exists in nature from its artificial isotopes and includes it in metabolic processes, and such iodine irradiates everything around while it decays.

The same thing happens with strontium. It looks like calcium, so the body thinks it's calcium and incorporates it into the metabolic metabolism of bone tissue. Et cetera. But again, the problem is the exposure to these isotopes and the resulting chemical reactions after training!

What to drink to stop these chemical reactions when exposed to radiation Answer:

In addition to iodine, you should drink a lot of vitamin C (in the form of sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc ascorbates). In case of radiation threat, the dose should be about 1-2 grams per day!

You should also take vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol plus combined tocopherols d-beta, d-delta, d-gamma) - 300-400mg per day.

Taking these vitamins must be combined with glutathione infusion (drip) of 1-2 grams per day. You can't drip it yourself, so in this situation you need to give injections. In Ukraine glutathione is sold under the name Hepaval. It is also available in capsules, but capsules are ineffective.

If there is no hepaval at hand, together with vitamins, we drink a drug called ACC, also 1-2 grams per day. This is acetylcysteine in the form of effervescent cough tablets.

❗️Without these medications, iodine intake will only partially help and may not help at all! For the first 10 days after the onset of the threat, taking all of these medications is critical if you want to live without significant health problems.❗️