About weight gain and metabolism

The headline is rather banal, but many people and even "pseudo experts" still do not understand the fundamental rules of our metabolism, thereby harming themselves with special diets, or for example, silly workouts.
And so, we have all heard that if you eat a lot of caloric food, you can gain weight. Let's first find out what the calorie content of food is. It is the amount of energy that our body receives during the biochemical processing of this food. In order to understand the essence of caloric content it is enough for non-physicists to imagine how two substances of the same mass/volume burn, for example, alcohol and diesel fuel (diesel oil), which of them will give more heat? Anyone who has ever seen such combustion, will immediately answer - diesel fuel. I.e. its caloric value is higher (~ 10300 kcal/l., against ethyl alcohol ~ 7000 kcal/l.) So it is the same with food, some products give a lot of heat/energy, others less. Figured it out.

Now let's imagine the situation of a conditioned person that constantly eats a lot of caloric foods, will he increase his body weight? To this question fitness trainers universally answer - "yes, in such conditions will always get fat"

I will answer - not a fact 🙂 A person will increase his weight only by the weight of the food that entered his GI tract. But whether the weight of his fat tissue, muscle tissue and other tissues will increase depends very much on his individual metabolism. All of you probably have an acquaintance that eats everything and does not get fat. Now I'll tell you why this happens.

The fact is that the "fuel" that enters the body in the form of food is "processed" for energy in different ways for each person. And there can be both safe genetic arrangements and pathological ones. Here are the most popular variants of pathologies:

1️⃣ A person has low acidity in the stomach, as a result, protein breakdown reactions are slowed down (such reactions require an acidic environment with a certain pH) Usually such people have a poor appetite and aversion to meat. Some people are also influenced by internet assholes to think that this is a sign to become vegan....
2️⃣ The person's GI tract is not working properly, e.g. there are fewer enzymes/bacteria to break down proteins into peptides, fats into fatty acids, carbohydrates into glucose.
3️⃣ The person has a problem with anabolic hormones. For example, no growth hormone secretion, low insulin levels, low androgen or estrogen levels.

In all these circumstances, no matter how much calorie-dense food you eat, you will not gain weight! Because the food will not pass all the necessary stages of biochemical processing to obtain energy.

Moreover, if you add physical activity (ala go to the gym to the trainer that graduated from the courses of trainers:) ), you will do even more harm to your body! The body will experience a deep deficit of energy, which you spent on exercise but can not fully restore with meals.

Therefore, if you have not been able to gain weight for years, namely the weight of muscle tissue (because gaining weight of fat tissue is not good 🙂 ), first of all, examine your body for the presence of the above-described problems with intelligent specialists, or figure it out on your own. And only after solving the problems, load your body with food and exercise.