A useful antibiotic

My interests in biology overlap with the topic of life extension (AntiAge). One of the important aspects in this field is the complexity of maintaining the structure of the extracellular matrix of human tissues throughout life. In simple words, we all notice how our skin changes texture with age, wrinkles, age spots, etc. Moreover, we begin to see less well, which, for example, indicates a decrease in the elasticity of the intercellular matrix of the eye components. In general, all tissues of our body lose the ordered structure of the extracellular matrix and acquire cross-links and damages that accumulate every year. There are plenty of analogies to understand the processes here, for example, compare the condition of your new clothes with its condition in a year: we can see yellowing of the material from oxidation, scuffs and damage, stains from chemicals that can not be washed, etc.

Why does this happen❓ - It's very simple, we live in a corrosive environment. There may be rays of sunlight outside, there may be fuel burning products in the air, there may be toxins in our food and drinks, etc etc etc. It's hard to keep track of it all, but together these factors slowly damage our extracellular matrix and the DNA of the cells that make it up.
What is this matrix made of? - Most common in the extracellular matrix are collagens linked by elastin, which gives elasticity to skin and other organs.

Our organism knows how to protect itself from aggressive environment and renew the extracellular matrix. In this case, it has faithful helpers in the form of enzymes, especially the matrix metalloproteinases family. It is these enzymes that break down old/damaged collagen and elastin so that the cells can create new ones. Just as in my post on the components of immunity, as we age, the ratio of activity in these enzyme families changes.

For example, in keratoconus there is an imbalance of matrix metalloproteinases with their inhibitors (suspected increased activity of MMP2 metalloproteinase) Another example, there is evidence that people with severe skin scarring have a deficiency of MMP1 metalloproteinase. There is also a lot of data on the relationship of MMP2\ MMP9 balance with various pathologies of extracellular matrix.

Not all of the enzymes in this family have been fully investigated, but you should already realize that the condition of your extracellular matrix is primarily dependent on them. No collagen powder from a sports food will help your skin if the pattern of proper functioning of metalloproteinases is disturbed. The causes of disruption are different for everyone and are subject to deeper investigation. I will offer you a cheap and accessible remedy that will help to establish the balance of metalloproteinases, thus improving the condition of the extracellular matrix of your skin. But first, a few words about hyaluronidase - another enzyme important for the extracellular matrix.

The essence of hyaluronidases is the same as in metalloproteinases, but the main target of destruction is not collagen and elastin, but hyaluronic acid. It is this enzyme that is injected into the tissues of girls who have finally realized that "bee" lips are a sign of brain atrophy 🙂
This acid plays the role of a kind of lubricant for connective tissue with a number of additional functions. I don't want to go into biochemical details, I just want to point out that increased hyaluronidase activity in the skin leads to increased tissue permeability and inflammation. If this process is chronic, then roughly speaking the skin is destroyed. I.e. to improve skin condition it is necessary to inhibit excessive activity of hyaluronidase in order to preserve hyaluronic acid reserves. This will also be discussed below.

💡And so, the remedy for rebalancing metalloproteinases is doxycycline hclate. Yes, this is an old and cheap antibiotic that you can buy in any pharmacy. This antibiotic is rarely used for its intended purpose anymore but its properties as an inhibitor of some metalloproteinases are well researched. And this is not theory, but actual practice. Links to the studies are at the end of the post.

❗️I should note that there may be allergies and other individual reactions, so please re-read my discl aimer in the channel header again❗️

You can apply doxocycline to the skin as follows. Buy any thermal water without additives. Buy doxocycline in 100mg capsules. Half a capsule (50 mg) dissolve in 15-20 ml of water. Then we apply a tampon on the problem areas of the skin. Carry out this session once a day, for 10-20 minutes, then wash off. The course of 5 days. Then pause, look at the result. Visual improvement of skin condition can be noticed after the second session. Application on wounds can improve healing and the degree of scarring. In addition, this product can reduce the degree of inflammation in acne.

❗️It is important to note that this product should only be used by people who have skin problems, such as wrinkles, acne❗️

You can combine doxycycline solution with a hyaluronidase inhibitor. This combination will further improve the condition of your skin. It can be Troxevasin gel, which is also a cheap and old remedy sold in pharmacies as a varicose vein gel. It should not be used on open wounds and areas near the eyes! When used on the face in combination with doxycycline, the gel should be used on the neck and behind the ears, and the doxycycline solution on the rest of the face.

Doxocycline and troxevasin can also be used orally for serious pathologies of the extracellular matrix. There is abundant evidence for the treatment of fibrotic conditions and cancer through the mechanisms described above.

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