How do plastic substances affect gender? 🏳️‍🌈

In a previous post I wrote about the toxins around us, and in this one I'll write about how substances from plastic affect the epigenetics of gender.

The thing is that recently, by chance, in a popular cafe, I overheard a conversation between two "journalists" who were discussing ways to popularize lgbt in my country. And it all happened in a serious manner, discussing where to publish the right articles and which bloggers to hire.🙂. To my great regret this topic is very strongly lobbied in the USA, Canada, EU, and recently in Ukraine. Money for such lobbying is given by different funds (I will not write whose) and I think it is an open topic why they do it (birth control?).... So, these anomalies (or pathologies, deviations) in sexual behavior and orientation are the result of certain mutations. And it is mutations, not polymorphisms! That is, no "norm" about which are pushed from every corner (hello Netflix) - NO.

I will start fromafar. As far as I know, for the first time about the connection of some brain regions with orientation and perception of the body wrote Dick Swaab. He is a talented neuroscientist from the Netherlands, whose scientific works I have studied (he also has books, highly recommended). He stated that there is an area in the brain with neurons that is different in healthy people and transgender people - the bed nucleus of stria terminalis (BST) in the hypothalamus.

Of course, after the publication of these findings, our hero was attacked by pi*rs and other dodiks, about which he wrote in his book "We are our brain", and had to somehow justify himself and even write that homosexuality is the norm, but transgenderism is not the norm... But it became clear to thinking people that all gender-sexual deviations are related to the brain and this area.

Thinking people have also begun to wonder - what influences the development of this area of the brain? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, hormones. Roughly speaking, female hormones (estrogens) are needed for the development of the female brain and areas related to female behavior, and male hormones (androgens) are needed for the development of the male brain. This development occurs primarily in the womb, and as the brain grows during childhood.

So, what does plastic have to do with it? 🙂In the last post I have already written that the substances from plastic in structure as estrogens, ie mimic female hormones (or in the language of biologists - interact with estrogen receptors), and therefore can affect the development of the brain andnot only!

This topic is very extensive. In a nutshell, it's something I've been doing my whole life. Shanna Swan.. She is an American scientist who researches the effects of chemicals on reproductive health. She has a book calledCountdown: How Our Modern World Is Changing Reproductive Development." . She is also the author, along with other scientists, of a sensational article on the male infertility crisis, the rise in male infertility since the mid 1970's. Link below.

To summarize:

The amount of plastic in the world has been increasing rapidly since the early 80s. The result of this progress is probably an increase in the number of sexual deviations (this is a fact, there are statistics, you can also look at the statistics of the same porn-hub by porn categories) because of the hormonal intrauterine influence of these substances on the growing brain.
At the same time, ordinary people are looking for the cause of this phenomenon in culture, upbringing, propaganda - this is all unscientific nonsense of hipsters/politicians/churchmen.

The problem has a name: phthalate syndrome. Other substances can also have this effect on the brain. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to talk about it openly, to avoid accusations of homophobia and other made up shit, especially in the fucked up society of some countries. But you have to talk about it, not just talk about it, you have to shout about it, because according to the statements of Swan by 2045, humanity's reproductive capacity may drop to 0% and we will disappear as a species homo sapiens. 🙂 This is where I stand in solidarity with her.