About anemia and harmful trends 🩸

The photo above shows the anemia test results of a 25 year old girl who hadn't eaten meat in about a year.

Unfortunately nowadays anemia is a scourge among girls. For reasons unknown to me, many bloggers--experts-clowns-Saturday SpartakiSaturday propagandize pseudoThey listen to thousands, millions of people and repeat the "idols" in this case. They are listened to by thousands, millions, and they follow their "idols" in this case....

Be sensible, don't fall for statements that are contrary to human nature. Meat is an indispensable part of our diet practically since the beginning of mankind. Only from meat you can get both iron itself (especially from beef) and the amino acid lysine (as well as a full range of other amino acids) and vitamins and many other things at the same time..

Substituting meat for other foods is like riding a bike when there's a Range Rover in the garage 😁

Those who say and support the opposite - let them back up their words with numbers from analyses like these 😉