Multiple sclerosis and human papillomavirus.

I am continuing my series of notes on the connection between viruses and neuro diseases. Today we are going to talk about the human papillomavirus and its impact on Multiple sclerosis( MS). You've heard of this virus, but not everyone understands multiple sclerosis:

In a nutshell, it's when the immune system starts attacking myelin. And myelin is the material around the axons of nerves. It's made up of lipids and proteins. To be clear, it's like insulation on wires. It's a rough analogy, of course, but figuratively you can imagine some wires being chewed by rats. That's what immune system cells do 😄 Basically, in multiple sclerosis, there is an autoimmune reaction to myelin lipids or proteins. As a result of myelin damage, the muscles and organs of the person start to malfunction (because nerves do not transmit action potential well) and as a result, the person becomes disabled without treatment.

So, no one can explain why it happens like this, but paradoxically, expensive antibody-based drugs appear, which sort of cure it. In general, another example of pharma-biz - we have not figured out the causes, but we will sell you the treatment😄

As I wrote earlier about autoimmunity, there are 3 factors involved: genes, infections, toxins. However, this post is about vaccinations, which can be attributed to infections. There is evidence that some vaccines produce autoimmune reactions to myelin. Among such vaccines is the human papillomavirus vaccine.

After all, you are essentially injecting infectious particles in one form or another. But this is forgotten by the general public and even by the medical profession. Moreover, this method of preventive medicine is elevated to a pedestal by some people, who again forget that not every infection can benefit from vaccination; they also forget that not every organism needs it. And I truly feel sorry for the parents of such children (I know personally examples) who have gone along with this trend.

So, with the advent of the human papillomavirus vaccine, case reports of multiple sclerosis began to appear. Other vaccines can also give this, such as hepatitis B vaccination! And the hardcore adherents of supposedly "evidence-based" medicine started "proving" that it was all random😄. Something like this was already observed by smart people during covida... Personally I think that the link, and the side effects of new mRNA vaccines indirectly confirmed the speculation about other vaccines. After all, while cases of autoimmune reactions were rare before, with mass covid vaccination and vaccines that more effectively deliver infectious agents into the human body - we have a whole list of reports of autoimmune reactions that are already hard to hide 🤐.

Why do I see a connection between multiple sclerosis and vaccination? The thing is, the papillomavirus vaccine is made from peptides from the envelope of the virus. Now pay attention, what do you think those peptides look like? Right, probably myelin peptides. More precisely, some parts of this complex molecule, and possibly some other proteins associated with myelin.

So, when we inject a person with a mix of viral peptides, our immune system (if we have some polymorphisms or problems) gets freaked out by it, and starts to repel the viral attack, and this counterattack is sometimes destructive to healthy tissues that are similar to viral particles. It's like American cops shooting all blacks if they have the slightest suspicion of criminality. Okay, that's my humor 😄. In general, these points are of course still at the level of hypotheses and observation of cases of disease, but if someone wants to sponsor my research in this direction - I'm all for it!

I will not bore you long and tell you that in the case of papillomavirus vaccination it is difficult to find a link, but it is possible. It's not available in all countries. And there's a lot of studies coming out that don't support what I'm saying. Just so you realize that not every study is the standard of truth. I'm writing this as someone who does his own research🤓. And when there is a lot of money at stake, there can be fairy tales for goyim, which should be repeatedly checked and analyzed 😄.