Insomnia as a manifestation of neuroinflammation 😴

In my experience, complaints of insomnia are quite common among the population. Moreover, I myself have experienced this condition in my past.

This condition occurs due to disruption of a certain homeostasis in the brain.

Let's start with a simple one - lack of glucose. Have you ever had a condition where you wake up in the middle of the night with a wild bout of hunger? It can also be preceded by nightmares. This is a clear example of hypoglycemia, when the brain does not have enough energy to realize the necessary processes during sleep. This happens in girls with anemia, when dieting, when using drugs that "drop" blood glucose. The person sleeps restlessly, but this is not true insomnia.

Going further, circadian rhythm sleep disorder or jetlag. When you get used to one period of daylight saving time, and then you fly to Indonesia and don't sleep for a couple days at a time (like I did 🙂) This happens because of melatonin, the epiphysis hormone. The brain gets used to it getting darker at a certain time of day and starts to synthesize melatonin which has many functions, but among them you know only the function of "falling asleep". When the time zone changes, the brain is confused in the synthesis of this hormone and it needs time to adapt. This is normal, such insomnia passes in a week at most, and with the use of melatonin even faster.

❗️❗️Now let's talk about real insomnia.

This is a serious disease of the central nervous system, which indicates that certain areas in the brain are affected. It most likely occurs due to neuroinflammation from autoimmune reactions, which in turn are triggered by viruses, vaccination, toxins, trauma 🧠🤢🦠. There are also genetic variants of sleep disorders, such as fatal familial insomnia. But specifically in this post we are talking about cases where a person was OK with sleep, but because of some trigger (not exactly genetic) problems started.

❗️ Vaccination causes problems in some cases.
For example this was proven with the Pandemrix vaccine for swine flu (which by the way like kovid was also man-made). About 200 children in Finland and Sweden had narcolepsy after immunization (those who do not believe - google "pandemrix narcolepsy"). This is a condition where you can suddenly fall asleep regardless of the time of day. Interestingly, narcolepsy can be preceded by nocturnal insomnia. That is, we can conclude that both insomnia and narcolepsy affect some common parts of the brain. Most likely the thalamus and hypothalamus.

❗️❗️However, the situation with Pandemrix did not add to the conscience of pharmaceutical companies, which led to another more global stupidity, which you all know about. The essence of this stupidity is that in addition to the viral load people also got a load of antigen (protein) of a fashionable virus, which led to new autoimmune conditions, which will be known about after a while.

❗️It should also be clearly understood that viruses that affect the "deep" neurons of the central brain lead to behavioral problems, it can be sleep disorders, aggression, anxiety, etc. It all depends on your immunity, someone has it as a jeweler, quietly and clearly removes only the "bad", and someone is unlucky and immunity "hits the area" causing severe inflammation.

❗️It's the same with toxins. If the detoxification systems are doing an excellent job, there is little or no neuronal damage.

So what should people with insomnia do

First of all, find a specialist who does not deny neuroinflammation as the main cause of such disorders 🙂. He should determine your cause of neuroinflammation and prescribe you a protocol ,which may consist of: valavir, glutathione, palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), luteolin, nattokinase and other enzymes.

Taking medicated sleeping pills is not very wise for such conditions, these drugs will not treat the cause of the disease. However, you can pay attention to GABA supplements and phenibut.

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