Harmful Shoes 🦶🏻🦵🏻

Every year, when buying shoes, I notice more and more how pseudo-designers-hipsters pervert new models of shoes, making them worse and worse. Moreover, marketers serve it all under the sauce of new fashion trends. Sometimes there are such harmful models for the foot (see the photo below) that you want to kick the creator and all those who promote this shit.

Let me tell you why this is important. The function of our feet is not only supportive, but also sensory. When we take a step, the afferent (sensitive) neurons in the skin of the foot transmit information to the brain about the surface we have stepped on. The more this information, the more all sorts of stabilizer muscles in the foot and the whole body are activated! When there is not enough information for the brain (no "feedback" from the foot), then the necessary muscles are not activated, which should cushion the step by raising the arch of the foot.

Moreover, it seems to me that every year there are more flat feet. For example, now on the street a lot of people with "cow walk" in such bad shoes. Which, IMHO, was NOT even a thing (and I'm not that old🙂) in my childhood.

That's why choosing the right shoes and foot loading regimen is an important nuance, especially for children and teens. For example, here are my rules for choosing shoes:

1️⃣The sole of the shoe should fully flex and the inside of the shoe should follow the relief of a healthy foot. No heels, no high platforms. Yes, I realize that there are exceptions in the form of shoes, etc. But I try to wear such shoes for a couple of hours at most.

2️⃣The toe of the shoe should not be narrow. The toes inside the shoe should be in almost the same position as without it.

3️⃣Shoes should not hang off the foot. Crocs and flip-flops should not be worn all the time! Only on occasion, - on the beach, in the pool.

4️⃣Forget about orthopedic insoles and other "crutches" imposed on you by orthopedists and other "literati". These will not correct existing foot problems.

In addition, try to walk barefoot as much as possible. For example, at home, walk only barefoot, no slippers.

If you live near a beach, do barefoot walks in the sand. Here's a link to a study that backs up what I' m saying: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34838002/ The photos below are examples of bad shoes and good shoes (that I wear myself).

Shoes from "trendy" brands for sheep (Nike, Puma, Adidas) are almost all bad. Don't buy them, you are giving away a lot of money for harm to your feet! The soles are impossible to bend. But the firms that PR less (merrel, cat, columbia), there are good models of shoes (although they also notice the notes of degradation and "fashionable" trends).