About vitamins and marketing 🔗

We've all probably heard doctors recommend taking vitamins to improve something (usually they don't even know what it is themselves 😁)
And so we go to the pharmacies to buy those vitamins, and there the eyes are scattered and the pharmacist steams what he needs to sell.🙂

In this post, I will tell you how to avoid marketing and buy only "working" vitamins.

The first thing to pay attention to is the indication of the chemical form of all vitamins and minerals in the composition.
For example, vitamin E is not one specific molecule, it is a group of molecules (e.g. tocopherols, tocotrienols) under the general name of vitamin E. So in the composition should be not just the inscription vitamin E, but specific molecules from this group, for example: vitamin E in the form of Alpha-tocopherol (can also be a mixture of several molecules from the group of vitamin E).
Another example, vitamin C, if you see an inscription like: vitamin C, then next to it should be indicated the form

(❗️ I remind you that the best form of vitamin C is ascorbates, for example asc orbateнатрия❗️)

The same applies to minerals in multivitamins. Minerals are important too!
For example magnesium. In the form of magnesium sulfate, it is not digested and gives a laxative effect. But the forms of citrate, lactate, glycinate bring other benefits as well😉

In good multivitamins, all minerals should be in chelate form (bound to amino acids)
If you see that minerals are only in oxide or sulfate form (e.g. zinc oxide, or magnesium sulfate or copper sulfate) or no chemical form at all, it is fuckup in a nice package.

A prime example of such a scam is the supposedly German multivitamins orthomol which are sold to suckers for some crazy money, but in the description on the package it is not quite clear what chemical forms of substances are used. You can see this information only in a separate section, where it is also not clear what is what and it is done on purpose. After all, there you can find the same "non-working" sulfates of zinc, copper, magnesium....

As a positive example, the vitamins I have been using for many years are solgar male multiple. They also have a composition for girls female multiple. They have all minerals in the chelate form of glycinate (mineral+amino acid glycine). The manufacturer also uses ascorbates for excellent absorption of vitamin C.

Just compare in the photo the details of the description of substances in solgar and orthomol vitamins. This is exactly what I'm writing about here. At the same time, the price difference is 2 times.