About viruses

So, the first science post will be about viruses, specifically covids. Yes yes, I am aware that this topic has been covered head to toe. So I will write briefly, in the theses, what many medical/scientific/common people have NOT understood:

1️⃣The covid virus is most likely artificially modified. There is compelling evidence for this. I should note at once that it is difficult but possible to do such a thing, which is denied by many pseudo-scientists and medics.
The approximate technology consists in infecting genetically modified model organisms with a virus that needs to be "changed"/"improved". The idea is that such organisms through modification receive human receptors that are a target for viruses. In addition, their immunity is artificially suppressed, which gives a large number of mutations for selection of the desired strain.

2️⃣ By selection we mean creating the right mutations in the RNA strand of the virus to give the virus the right properties in terms of pathophysiology.

3️⃣ Any virus(!) can be modified using this methodology. Perhaps the new outbreaks of obscure hepatitis and smallpox are from this opera.....

4️⃣ Vaccination is not always a panacea. Which is especially evident in the case of covidae. At its core, any vaccination is a simulation of an infection to train immunity. Similar to training pilots in simulators. Now tell me, how many of you want to fly with a pilot who's only trained in simulators?:) Immunity is a complex and individual thing, so you can't train it in all individuals with one vaccine.

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