About beauticians and cosmetics💉😷

I often see ads for different doctors' pages on my instagram. Most often they are cosmetologists. It is understandable, because the main audience of this network is busy narcissizing themselves digitally, and photoshops are not enough for them anymore 😄 But that's not what I'm talking about.
Usually when I visit such pages I see fierce incompetence. So in this post I will describe the frequent misconceptions of such specialists, as well as describe which procedures/medications are useful, and which are a drain on money and harm.

Botox. The procedure makes sense, especially for some people who have been doing sports for a long time. Usually such people have all the muscles in hypertonus, against the background of non-sporty people. The procedure itself is not complicated and does not require a lot of brains from the cosmetologist. It is enough to study anatomy and some aspects of injections. However, even so, there are idiots that pierce the patient's entire face. This leads to the inability to express any emotions with facial expressions and problems with lymph flow. If you see this on a cosmetologist's page, send him away. 

Acne. It's a sore subject for many people. This problem becomes more and more every year. The reason for this (according to me and some scientists) is the abundance of various fat-soluble toxins. For example, phenolic derivatives like bisphenol A. This stuff is now added everywhere - cosmetics, plastic bottles, etc. Of course, this is partly a hypothesis, but it can be stated for sure - cosmetologists are not able to effectively treat this problem. The problem is inside! They only eliminate the external consequences, such as clogged pores sebaceous glands, inflammation, scars. And even that is sometimes done incorrectly😕 So if you see promises to cure acne with expensive cosmetics, without any interventions "from the inside" - also safely send away. Do the same with cosmetologists that prescribe retinoids, they certainly do not understand the effects of these substances 😠

Peelings. This makes sense only in rare cases. For example, to remove scars. Doing it just like that, and even more often - a complete foolishness. You are traumatizing the skin and damaging the dna of fibroblasts (cells that create collagen and elastin).

Fillers - not everyone can be injected with these substances. The thing is that fillers "stress" the immune system. For her it is something incomprehensible, which is difficult to remove from the body. By the way, to this topic can be attributed and tattoos on the whole body and silicone implants.
If a person has some defects to fill and everything is OK with health, no anemia, autoimmune - only then you can use fillers.

Mesotherapy. This is the administration of various nutrients through subcutaneous injections. Here it is necessary to clearly understand what we inject and for what purpose. Usually there is no such understanding. Cosmetologists inject you that sold them marketing. Often without indications, and in order to make money on you😕

Cosmetics. Similarly with mesotherapy. Complete misunderstanding of why and where it leads. There are many examples. For example, there is a mega expensive cosmetics from Yanks under the ironic name of the brand is clinical. It has a primitive composition, ala aloe + vitamin ts. But some beauticians sell it to everyone, maybe they get paid for it, I don't know... Another example, wherever there are stories for the stimulation of collagen synthesis, it's bullshit. Remember - lots of collagen is bad, it's prone to scarring. Cosmetics/cosmetologists that promise you such action play on your illiteracy.
From useful cosmetics can be noted products with probiotics and extracts of some plants that regulate skin immunity and relieve oxidative stress. But this is a separate topic.