How to get smart? 🧠🎯

I think each of us has probably asked ourselves this question at least once. However, not everyone understands what steps to take and not everyone can give the right definition of mind.

So, a smart person is not the one who has read many books, not the one who has many educations, not the one who knows many languages, not the one who has a lot of money - these are only possible attributes of a smart person.
A smart person is the one who finds the fastest solutions in the tasks he/she faces for the first time. I.e. such a person most effectively uses his brain and body for his own benefit when interacting with the environment.

For an idealized example, watch the thrilling movie "TheDark Regions". The creators of the movie clearly showed the formation of an intelligent person thanks to the fictional drug NZT48.
Of course, in real life such a formation is much more difficult, but it is possible if you follow a certain methodology. Now I will briefly explain what this method is:

1️⃣ You need to be healthy, it sounds so damn corny, but the essence of the proverb "in a healthy body, a healthy spirit".
Imagine that your body is a car on which you need to drive from point A to point B (a journey of a lifetime). Now, if you notice something under the hood is malfunctioning at the beginning of the journey, there's a high probability that you won't make it, so you need to make sure you get it fixed. 😉

2️⃣ So the body's taken care of, fixed. Next we need to learn how to learn fast🙂 You can only do this by experience, by constantly changing your occupation. Learn to drive a car, learn to swim, learn to play the piano, draw, read in your voice, etc. Forget for "it's not my thing", "I'm not interested". The more often you change occupation the more "trained" your brain will be in terms of the speed of creating new neural connections.

3️⃣ Do not tie all your activity to making money. I.e. to do only what you are paid for is a sign of limitation. Remember the words - a smart person does not live on a paycheck😁

4️⃣ Be social, i.e. interact with people "offline" all the time. This is very important, I've already talked about the nerve growth factor(BDNF) that decreases in the brain when you are socially isolated. And you don't have to assume that some people don't want/are not worthy of socializing with you. Force yourself. Like "pick-up artists" do when they meet girls on the street. For example, I don't mind chatting with a cab driver or any girl that I liked somewhere in the subway 🙂

5️⃣ Persistently analyze and verify all information you receive, do not take everything as fact just because it was reported by some "opinion leader" from the Internet, TV or YouTube. For example the situation with kovid and the war has clearly shown that even the most reputable sources are deluded/deceived.